Sebastian graduated from Wabash College with a Major in Classics, and Minors in both Philosophy and Medieval Studies. He studied in Italy for a semester at the Institute of Classical Studies where he learned about the many brick-mortars of Ancient Rome and sat amongst enormous stacks of books in the prestigious American Academy Library, trying to decide whether Ancient Roman education had any redeeming qualities.

In college, he was elected president of the Newman Center, founded a theology magazine Unapologetic, and became editor-in-chief of the thorny student magazine The Wabash Commentary.

He won a Fulbright Scholarship to study education in Finland, where he languished for a sunny summer, eating thick vanilla ice cream woven with black licorice, while contemplating what school is like in the Heavens.

Mr. Garren has had the pleasure of teaching at St. John Paul II Preparatory School for the past 7 years. As Dean of High School, he oversees the executive function of the high school including discipline, curriculum, the house system, teacher assistance, and parent resources. He has taught seven different courses and loves working with the students, teachers, parents, and building community.

He is also the founding director of St. John Paul II Preparatory South Campus which opened September, 2020 thanks to the support of Emergent Ventures through which he is a Progress Studies Fellow.

An avid reader, he reads economics, folk tales, science fiction, history, and children’s books. Really everything except 19th century French novels, which he has an irrational prejudice against.

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