Finnish: Pointers and Laments 2

In Complete Finnish the dialogues make Finnish feel as I imagine an alien language might. Think of beings having a different consciousness, then you might be close to the mark. I can imagine Finnish customs asking questions similar to those asked of the Earthship in Space Odyssey I.

Who are you?
What is your mental state?
Do you have incursions of boredom, fear, anger, despair, shame, and the love of war and death and the secret desire for the misfortune of others? (Check all that apply.)
Are you distressed? Will your mental state inhibit your ability to act peaceably? etc.

In Finland, every town has a matkailutoimisto – a tourist office – because how would visitors know about the town without a tourist office to guide them? Sounds practical. According to Terttu Leney asking where to find this mysterious tourist office is vital for survival – Anteeksi, voitteko sanoa, missä on matkailutoimisto? Or maybe the Finns are secretly annoyed when people fail to use the many resources the Finnish government provides. Trust the bureaucracy; they will provide the resources you need to achieve basic peace of mind.

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