September Reads (not “books read” because I need more time to read books)

Dipped into:

The Essence of Chaos by Edward Lorenz

Poor Economics by Duflo and Banerjee


Building technological society is actually very difficult. No, even more difficult than that.

But why couldn’t we just make threshing machines in the Middle Ages?

Are you sure it’s that hard to make threshing machines?

“The Economic Lives of the Poor” elucidates what it is like to never be able to get out crushing poverty. Plus some great insights about labor participation, entrepreneurship, and tithing.

The Floppy Disc business is long-lasting and Lindy. There’s a lesson here about why not to over-adjust to visions of the future.

The opposite business model is building a space program on satellite deployments. Deeply in-depth look at Starlink.

AI will be able to do this and more in our decade, even if this demo is bunk.

Aristotle as Optimist.

Safety, properly understood, is an aspect of progress.

Duflo and Banerjee mistakes about education. Private education is the norm in poor countries and consistently outperforms state education, even given less resources.

Finally, the explanation I’ve been waiting for on how transistors work. This site is remarkably well-written.

Philosophy posing as an insightful discussion of business expansion. Very helpful for me.

“The idea that you can be whatever you want to be, or build whatever you want to build, is a sure path to a short, unhappy existence.”

Three papers on chaos.

Just going through the motions… is good enough.

These two videos are great for the same reason.

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