Innate Curiosity is not Innate Desire for Mastery.

Many people, teachers, parents, and students are innately curious – they love learning. At least we all love learning some things. It is such a disappointment when curiosity is squashed instead of nurtured. We have to nurture curiosity as much as we can, however natural curiosity is not enough to help a student become the free and responsible adult we want him or her to become. She needs guidance and practice and direction.

There is no innate human drive to master stoichiometry or read Latin poetry. Educational culture is necessary. A community must come together and give esteem and encouragement and praise for learning these things. This is why many students need classmates to excel – shared experience is foundation of culture. Rare is the student who is driven to master any subject which is set before him. Most of us require a mix of motivations to achieve excellence and virtue. And there is nothing wrong with that.