Books Read November 2022

Hebrew: The Eternal Language by William Chomsky – some unbecoming hyperbole throughout, but the story of the preservation and reestablishment of Hebrew as a national language is fascinating.

Wealth of Nations Book 5 by Adam Smith – I read part of this as a rejoinder to John Locke’s overstated anti-papist sentiments.

Metaphysics by Aristotle – Just dipped in. But I discovered that Aristotle has something to offer again! The man was so ahead of his time.

The Master and Margarita by Mikhael Bugakov – widely considered to be one of the top two Russian novels. Premise: The Devil pays Moscow a visit in 1930 to see how the people are getting on. It is terrifying, hilarious, bitter, and lovely.


Some more stories of the great tutoring tradition.

Nonexistence as a fuzzy philosophical concept.

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