Books Read December 2022

The Jesuits: A History by Markus Friedrich

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

The Network State by Balaji Srinivasan

Leafing through various Raymond Smullyan riddle and puzzle books.

  1. Edmund Burke on Learning and Culture. Very beautifully written and eloquent.
  2. Why biology and medicine are hard to innovate in.
  3. How Utopian Should We Be? and Defining the Feasible Set by Tyler Cowen
  4. Growth in India is more important than a lot of other things.
  5. Perhaps It Is A Bad Thing That The World’s Leading AI Companies Cannot Control Their AIs
  6. The rise and fall of peer review – by Adam Mastroianni
  7. The Media Very Rarely Lies – by Scott Alexander
  8. The year in AI is astounding.

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